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At Complete Asset Management Solutions, we help businesses with high value, tangible assets execute cost-effective and sustainable maintenance strategies. We are top tier quality maintenance professionals with over 200 years of combined experience.

Proven Methodology

We understand the true frustrations companies face when money is wasted from loss of production through poor asset management.

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Company Culture

We believe in establishing great cultures for both our work environment and through our customers treatment of their most valuable assets.

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Reduce Stress

We are problem solvers, we believe in taking your problems, stresses, and barriers and turning them into solutions, serenity, and openings.

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Highest Quality Standards

Quality is in our bones, we believe in bringing companies up to a high-quality standard.

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Our Values

We understand the true frustrations companies face when financials are over exhausted from loss of production, to poor asset management. We take a holistic approach to provide a cost-effective and safety based solution as part of optimising asset productivity.

We are problem solvers, we can help your organisation to mitigate risk, eliminate waste, reduce cost, and deliver your desired operational outcomes.

We believe in establishing great cultures through both our work environment and  our care of our customers  most critical and high-risk assets.

Through developing capabilities internally, maximum and sustained performance of your valuable assets will be assured. Our team can structure and implement the required competencies to ensure all facets are covered while providing the highest level of training, support and mentoring.

Quality is in our DNA; we help companies to become a reliable business partner. We believe in supporting companies to achieve high-quality standards.

Organisations we work with

From our clients

Major ERP (SAP) Integration Program

Complete AMS provided SAP domain expertise. Their combined SAP master data, mobile equipment, and maintenance work management knowledge was invaluable. They helped shape key Program artefacts provide technical guidance to the ERP Program.

Leading up to the data transformation phase (prior to migration), the level of effort was unknown however it was understood that it would be a significant undertaking. Complete AMS helped design and develop a tool that estimated data transformation effort. The tool was built in Excel and integrated SAP technical elements and client equipment information. Their SAP master knowledge was critical to development. The outcomes resulted in the client understanding remediation effort, allowing them to secure the necessary funding for additional contractor resources to perform the work.

The team at Complete AMS demonstrate a professional service and work collaboratively with the client to build relationships, trust and quality outcomes. They don’t shy away from challenges and look to resolve issues respectfully and in good time.